I'm A Bubble

Assalamualaikum sume...!!!
Detik ni putri hendak kongsi satu lirik lagu
yang betul-betul kena di hati putri...
lirik ni ce kowang baca....
selamat mnghayati... ^^

She’s a devil in disguise
She does what she wants to
She think she’s  a Queen
She’s  just a child a heart

outspoken  but innocent
Naughty but clean at heart
troubles everyone
pretends to be innocent

When will she mend her ways?
She  does’nt hide anything
She’s  very clean at heart
That’s why you get wrong

I’m like a bubble don’t touch me
The open sky is calling me
life is full of tules
I only spread joy, spread smiles, follow me

A bubble, I’m just a bubble
Don’t touch me and call me softly

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